Tuesday, 5 March 2013

DELHI- as i see it!!

DELHI-The capital city
Delhi –the capital of India, the place were both the climate are at extremes, the land of biggest exposures. The city has always been fascinated me from the childhood. I call it my dream city. I remember the days I wanted to settle down in my dream city .Now, I am here for my career. The city has also grown up but into a city which provides zero safety to woman, threatens young girls who bravely walk at that prime time or who share a walk with their boy friend .Rapes and acid attacks are growing in number. This is not the condition of Delhi alone but several other cities but ratio makes a biggest difference. The basic essence is not only treating woman equally but respecting her is also missing. Women are viewed only as an object on which the sleeping masculinity aggression roars up. Various protests that came in the city showed the anger and insecure feeling inside citizens. Change is always necessary; change in more strict laws, increasing the punishments may bring a change to this condition. Safety should not lie in hands of Govt. Jobs, but also in the hands of citizens who on the whole represent the city. Being safe is her own right and it should be given to her. Still every girl in Delhi dreams of decreasing threats to female gender and soon Delhi can also safe tier place and the freedom of exposure can be easily used.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

world cup 2011


The glorious moment which the Indians wanted to relive happened after 28 years. India won its second world cup on April 2nd 2011 a moment we all will cherish. It was fabulous victory which rightly proved that hard work always pays well. It was a team effort in which India performed to their fullest in spite of the challenges. Our Captain lead the team beautifully and contributed for splendid success. The team spirit was seen in each and every moment of the game. Loss of the first two wickets put India in a difficult position. The batsmen exhibited a great partnership and strive to make the “cup that counts” theirs. When our skipper hit the final six and led India to its brilliant win, the whole audience jumped up in joy!!!! The victory for which they were waiting was theirs. A point that added to the joy was that achieving the title  “World champions”  was not very easy - we had faced the last world cup champion Australia in quarter finals and Pakistan in semi-finals which in itself was a challenge, and finalists Sri Lanka whom we beat to make the title ours have been previous finalists showing a really tough performance which proves the worth of the achievement.

The team showed their respect to the little master and master blaster by carrying him round the ground on their shoulders. They dedicated their victory to him which was really appreciable. Many players were in tears of happiness. Whole India is celebrating the “men in blue”. This day will be written not only in history but in the minds of the millions of cricket fans all over India.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012



This is special story residing in my heart. Finally I am letting it out. A story of a younger sister to an elder sister. 

Holding your hands means so special my soul. You had always been the special gift I have been possessing. From the moment of little smiles to biggest happiness you have been the sole reason. The words I have spoken to you, the words you have spoken to me, are the Precious memories I always turn back to. You had always been the courage and hope which has made me to breathe my life. Sharing few words with you when life puts me in tough situation make me more strong and confident. My days are haunted by loneliness when the distance between us increases. As you have always said I am your baby, best friend. And sometimes a mentor when you are in need. You had always trying to wipe away my tears though I have tried to hold it back. Your tears make me numb in certain situations. You have perfectly redefined the meaning of best friend. Reading your letters and messages becomes my past time. The best part about you is you are a friend, a mom, and advisor and great care take taker and mostly my biggest happiness. Finally I want to say you are my A- akka, B- badi behen , C- choti behen, D- didi ….S- sister …and I can add new definitions for A – Z. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A moon light promise !!


She held the alarm clock tightly in her hands and was lying on the bed. As soon the beep started at the midnight she got up and quietly slipped away to the terrace. It was very cold, the moon being being in full phase made the place bright.

She walked through the disordered chairs and sat in one corner. After eight hours she is stepping into new life, a memorable event in her life. She is going to catch hold of someone’s hand who she loved deeply. Both of them had planned to meet a day before their marriage to make that day into a special one. The cold wind disturbed her hair. She covered herself with a blanket to keep herself warm in the cold.

Time was half past twelve and she was still waiting. Tiredness made her close her eyes for while. Suddenly a cold hand held her hands tightly .His soothing touch made her realize he was sitting besides her. She gave a gentle smile out of happiness.

The moon at the centre brightened their face.” Tomorrow is a day of promise in our life, a promise for our life and love, a bond to cherish for life time.” He pulled the blanket little more to cover her hands which were trembling in cold.” But for us today is day of promise, Promise for ourselves, a promise to strengthen our bond” She nodded and smiled at his words.

He took her hand and placed it little above their heads, his kept his right hand a few lengths below her hand, the moon was at the centre of their hands.

Both of them started together at the same time “let our relationship strengthen more and may it withstand all obstacles coming on our way , even at the time of difficulties let our mind not rule and we listen to our hearts , we might face obstacles on our way , give us the strength to overcome it together , let everyone around us feel the pleasure of our relationship. Let our love journey continue for years!!”

The moon at the centre slowly drifted and both took their hands off slowly.

He held her hands tightly and took it close to his heart “your eyes says how tired you are , you badly need to take a deep sleep remembering our promise close your eyes and sleep peacefully”

She wiped off the tears with his hands .She walked out of the terrace reluctantly looking at him. He turned his head away as her face disappeared .He kept on looking at the moon and thought “every time we look at the moon the promise will definitely come to our  mind . “

Friday, 25 May 2012

I miss you my friend!!!

I Miss You My Dear Friend

I walked down the street, which took me to a cluttered forest. I leaned on a huge tree and closed my eyes. Immediately I went back to my old days. Remember the days I walked with you?
I walked with you hand by hand my dear friend. Words cannot express how dear you were to me. You comforted me when I was in low mood and patted me for my silly little successes.
I still remember the last day, the day I departed you. It broke my heart as I could fathom how much I would miss you. The last day we spent is specially memorable as we cycled down the lonely roads, sat in the park in the wet grass and spent our time in solitude with sounds of nature mixed with our occasional brief exchange of words on time spent together and how we will miss each other, those moments were precious. But more than that I cherish the moments we sat there in silence recollecting the past and anticipating the future which had laid down the different paths for us.
Today you may be far away from me but today you have come a long way and met with success exactly the way I knew and dreamt about you. However long the distance between us may be, I still feel your care, warmth and affection.
Even today whenever I feel like seeing you I do not need a call or letter all I need to do is close my eyes and sit on the grass listening to nature and I feel your presence near me.
A sudden breeze blew my hair and I opened my eyes. My eyes were blurred with tears but I did not cry, my silence conveying “I MISS YOU MY DEAR FRIEND”

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jeeman Os

Hello friends!!!!!!I am back after long time with an OS!!!A  Jeevika and Maanvi OS!!!!!
Again last few days was completely was completely focused on their painful love!!!This drove me away to write an OS.I am sorry if this Os has drowned any of your expectation!!!!!This was just an random idea!!!!!!!

Yet to watch yesterdays episode!!!!!Just read the reviews!!!!
Maanvi was lost thoughts about her di.She kept on thinking how her di and what is going on with her now, millions questions were raising in her mind she kept on thinking when her di come back to come back to conscious and when will talk to her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks .She wiped them at every moment. Maanvi tried to close her eyes and take some peace as she found herself emotionally drained out.
In Chandigarh:
Viren was sitting beside Jeevika .His face look more worried. He consoled himself by telling Jeevika will soon become alright.
IN Rishikesh:
It was late night.Beeji came to Maanvi's room to switch off the lights. Maanvi was sleeping.Beeji felt relaxed and told"bechari bahut tak gayi hai aapni di ke bare me such kar aapne aap ki dekbal  nahi kar rahi haii '.bahut taaaki hai  .. aacha hua ki ab wo soo rahi '."
Beeji switched off the lights and went away. Half an hour later everyone were waked by Maanvi's scream "Di". Every one woke up and ran towards her room. Maanvi was sitting awake and her face fully filled with tension and fear.Beeji switched on the light and came nearer to her "Maanvi beta kya hua  kyun itne pareshan lag rahe ho."Maanvi hold Beeji's hand and told Beeji paata nahi beeji aachnak muje  di ke bare me bahut bura sapna aah gaya '..beeji '.muje abi abi aapni di  ko dekna '..mein  bahut dar gayi hoon beeji '.muje di ke paas jana  hai 'aur di ko iss halut me mein akle nahi chud sakthi'..di ne mere liye kya kuch nahi kiya hai '..ab iss halat me muje di ki saath hi hona chahiya'."Beeji got worried more she din know what to tell.Viraat noticed  Maanvi pain in her eyes.He  said Beeji "aap fikar math ki jiye me Maanvi ko Chandigarh  le jata 'ab use uski di ki paas rehna bahut zaroot hai'aaur ab babhi ko bi Maanvi saath rehna bahut zarooth hai"Beeji said "nahi beta lekin"Viraat interfered "beeji Maain hoon naa '.aapko mujme vishwaas hai na tho aap fikar math ki jiye 'Mei sab dek lunga''.aab mere babhi ki behna  chal mere saath mere babi ko saas se zyadha  tumari zarooth hai .."

Soon they headed towards Chandigarh and hours later they were in the Vadhera House.
Maanvi rushed toward to Jeevika room .Viren starred at Maanvi .Maanvi moved towards Jeevika .She couldn't notice anyone but simply Jeevika's face was before her. She moved towards Jeevika.
Viraat pulled Viren away and walked out of the room .Maanvi opened her bag and took the mother Mary from inside it. She started speaking"di aapko yaad hai ye Mother Mary apne muje gift diya aur bola ki ye mera kayal rakega lekin di aapse zyada koi mere kayal rak saktha hai kya '.Jab aapko kooi mushkil ho tho mera halat kya ho ga'.eh Mother Mary ko mein apni hathoon se aapki hathoon mei de rahi  hoon ''taki eh ek  ki raksha nahi balki ham dono ki raksha Karen '..Mere kushi aapki kushi hai aur mere jivan aapki jivaan hai '.aap teek hogi tho mein teek ho javogi '..aur ham kushi ho jayenge'."
Manvi place the Mother Mary on Jeevika's hand and holded her tightly.

Outside the room Viren is angry for  Viraat did He keeps on starring at him.Viraat says "bayi aap tho mujse naraas honge aap dho minute mere baathey sun ki koshish ki jiye na'."Viren "tum tho uski support karne aaye na '.tum kabhi bi suchthey bi nahi ho sab ek second ka decision hai tumare liye.."
Viraat asked "baya aap kabhi suchthey hai kya ..aapne sucha kya Maanvi apni di ke liye aapni life ko bi sacrifice karthi hai'..lekin aab kaya problem hai ki ab wo khoon dene se Maana karthi hai'..aapne sucha iss ke pichey zaroor kuch reason hoga 'aapne sucha kya ???"
Viren stood still he couldn't answer anymore.Viraat told "bayi iss ke pichey ek bahut bada karan chipa hua '..ju ham sab ko mar dalega '..Maanvi aapne jivan me bahut badi tuff situation mei hey '.use cancer hai  bahai ''.jise wo sab ki kushi ke chipa rakhi hai'"Viraat's eyes were filled with tears as soon he ended this sentence.
Viren  gave a shock reaction when he heard these words .He couldn't believe such a truth has really been haunting her life  .Viren started speaking "Kya bhai cancer 'aur mene kabhi uski halat ko bi samaj nahi raha tha ''..wo zidhagi ki sabse bade problem se lad rahi aur mene wuse aapni baathoon se bhi uska problem zyada kar liya '"
Viren realized Viraat was  equally in pain he said "bhai ti fiquar math kar ham Maanvi ki treatment ki shuruvat Karen ge ''.Viraat replied "mein bhi  tho eh such raha tha'..mere dosth ke papa ek bahut badi specialist hai ..unke paas jak ham cancer specialist ko contact kar ke ..bahut hi jaldhi..treatment shuru Karen ge"
Viren said "aab muje kitna hi jaldi Maanvi se Maafi Mangni hai .."
Both rushed towards the room.
Maanvi was still holding Jeevika's hands .She started Talking to her Mom and dad"Aaa aur papa '.aapdi halat deko naa '.muje bahut hi jaldhi apnihasthi hoyi Jeevika di ko dekna hai '..aap  hamara iss halat ho jaldi teek kar lene .."Maanvi couldn't control herself Slowly her tears started rolling down, each drop touched Jeevika 's hands .Slowly as each tear  reached Jeevika 's  hands her hand started showing movements . Maanvi felt the moment and looked speechless .Jeevika stated opening her slowly.Her lips moved. The nurse beside her removed the ventilator .Jeevika holded Maanvi's hands tightly she said "Mannu''.Maanu .."Maanvi started smiling "di'.."She looked at Viren who standing beside Jeevika.
Viren looked shocked and he looked happily at Maanvi .Jeevika took her hand rubbed off the tears  in Maanvi 's face .She said "Manu tu dar math '.jab tak mere Manu mere saath hai muje kuch nahi hoga'.."Maanvi 's lips moved to smile on hearing this.
Viren and Viraat looked at the loving sisters and smiled.
That's all friends I am extremely sorry If I had not satisfied you.

Comments and Criticism are most welcomed!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 16 April 2012


Hi all I made up mind to prepare a write up regarding the beautiful and perfect sisters bond .
A sister is surely more than anything in this world. A sister is definitely a best friend, an adviser when you are in confusion, a mom when you are in trouble. We always have a pillow fight which ends up in bed tickling. We cannot stop talking with each other whatever it me be, we still want stop talking even if it is nonsense we are still indented to keep on munching. We share every little thing more than friends. We are always special in each other’s eyes. We always want spend time together, every together moments are celebrated by us. We always want to make her special on her birthday. A moment you are alone without your loving sister your days are haunted by loneliness. Life seems to be so empty without a sister. Younger sister like me always depend on elder ones right from whatever has happened in day to day life. Sisters make life‘s toughest situation to breathe easily. Sister’s advice seems to bitter advice at times but it is one of best advice it would best as sisters knows better than us.  
Life becomes little different when a sisters get separated by any cause. The real value of love is understood only when the distance grows longer. But how much ever the distance may be sisters are always connected to each other. Their love for each never dies.
Sister’s love is perfect and never ending tale which makes life stronger.
Last but not the least I would like dedicate this my loving sister who is everything to me , and to all other fellows dudes who is experiencing a perfect and loving bond like this.
P.S.a day without your sister make you realize what you are with her and how empty life is without her.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Jeeman OS:we are united!!

Jannanni is back with a bang now!!!!!!This time my Os is about Jeevika and Maanvi whose bonding have charmed me . As i said i am dedicating it to my forum friends Krithika , Anttara and my very one sweet sister

Maanvi was leaving the Vadhera house next morning. She was still not able to overcome the pain about the killing disease she had. She was not able to sleep she was totally lost in thoughts about her di. She slowly reached the terrace and stood there at one corner watching the sky. She started talking to her parents gulping every drop of tears “ Maa , Paa aaj aapke saamne dil ki badi dard batne ke liye kaadi hoon….. jab bi mujhey dukhi hoti tab aapne dukh ko aapne pyaari di ke saath banthithi lekin aab kis ke saath aapni maan ki baath kahoon ……kise aapne di se kahoon ki mujhe cancer hai…”tears  are rolling down from her eyes. “my sister will surely breakdown after hearing this she will get more worried and restless….she will not be able to bear the truth that I am  suffering from disease ….”Maanvi  continued sobbing . “ Maa whenever I felt afraid or lonely I would sleep on jeevika di’s lap and eventually will start forgetting  everything but now I am not able to face her .... whenever I see  her I feel like hugging her tightly and telling chahe muje kuch bi ho jaye mein aapne poori zindigi aapke saath, aapke aakoonko dekkar aur aapke goodh me soo kar  hi beeth loon”Manvi broke down and fell on the floor .
Jeevika in her room was not having a peaceful sleep something was disturbing her mind . She tried to close her eyes but she was totally disturbed about her deep thoughts about Maanvi and Beeji . She woke  up from bed and found out that there was some problem moving around which has been not known to her . She got up and walked towards the terrace to break her silence .
Jeevika slowly reached the terrace as she entered she found Maanvi there. Immediately she ran towards her and said “Maanu intni raath mein iss taandi hawa mei kya kar rahi ho …… chal andar so ja iss tandi hawa se tujey booker aah jayegi…”she pampered maanvi. Maanvi lovingly looked at her di .Jeevika noticed Maanvi’s eyes were filled with tears . “Manu kya hua kyun tumari aakhon mein aasoon hai …kya ho gaya Maanu “Jeevika’s questions made Maanvi cry more . She thought “ dekh ab bi di  mere bare mein hi soochthi hai ….Poor di she loves me and cares for me so much . Maanvi replied “Di saach baathwoon aaj  mujey hamari purani baathey sab yaad mein aah rahi  hai ….muje samaj mein nahi aah raha ki muje aise kyun ho raha hai…. I feel when tomorrow I am leaving our separation and loneliness is going to kill me “Jeevika said “ haan Maanu muje bi Is baath mein bahut chita ho rahi hai ki jab tum chali jayegi me bahut miss karne wali hoon tume …. This has happened many times but only this time I feel very bad to send you away from here ….. my heart is very heavy …..I am not able to think about it ….suddenly I get thoughts of the days we spend together. Both the sisters eyes were filled with tears. Maanvi   holded  Jeenika’s hand and told “ di you know one thing we are so united that whenever we start thinking about each other we think of the same things now I feel more strong that separation or union may be the thoughts we always think alike which means we are always united and not even a single thought can separate us , we may be physically separated but mentally we are together . “
Jeevika ended up with a smile after hearing this. She said “ Maanu as soon as you reach inform me , take good care of Beeji , Chachu , Chachi , Badi Beeji and Daabu and most of all take care of yourself ..”Maanvi thought “how will I tell her that I am going to take treatment for cancer….please save me from these thoughts ..”  Maanvi told “di this is some special night for me so it has been so many days I slept on your lap I want to sleep now “ .Jeevika said “ have I any day objected your request ….come on my sweet sister …” she welcomed lovingly her sister in her arms .
Maanvi slept on her lap  and felt warm and peaceful and continued sleeping . Jeevika was lovingly looking the cute Maanvi’s sleeping posture. She got reminded of childhood days how the same way she slept on her lap and still Maanvi had the same posture.
That’s all friends do reply how was it!!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting for your comments .